Warsaw, 28 May 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are pleased to invite you to visit La Casa del Habano - The Home of Cuban Cigars.

This is a unique venue dedicated to the tasting of Cuban cigars which are considered to be the best in the world. In addition to our dedicated cigar lounge which also offers fine roasted Cuban coffees to enjoy with your favorite cigar, we will offer you in the near future a refined selection of cognacs and single malts. We also have a retail area where you can explore the biggest selection of Cigars from Cuba in Poland as well as exclusive accessories.

So whether it is to steal a quiet moment's reflection during the day or a more relaxed occasion please feel free to drop by.

Team La Casa del Habano
Cigar noveleties at La Casa del Habano- H.upmann connoisseur no.1
Rare Cigars Day- Partagas P no.1
Ladies and Gentleman, On this Friday (05 May 2017) you will be able to purchase a Partagas cigar from the short-produced P1 series which was released in a special porcelain jar-humidor.

The 2009 edition of this short piramide immediately impressed connoisseurs with it's quality and excellent taste. As proof of this, Duty-Free News International magazine ranked the Partagas P1 as the "Best New Product in the Tobacco 2009" category. The amount of cigars is limited!

Opening hours during the Easter
Dear Aficionado, We would like to inform you that during the Easter, La Casa del Habano will be open: 15.04 11.00-15.00 16.04 Closed 17.04 15.00-22.00 We wish you Happy Easter
Cigar novelties at La Casa Del Habano!
Hoyo de Monterrey Elegantes After Epicure de Luxe, it is the second cigar manufactured exclusively for La Casa del Habano by Hoyo De Monterrey. Elegantes is a mid-size habano (ring size 47 x 158mm) in a perfecto format.

From this cigar you can expect everything specific for this brand, which is light flavour with variety of aromas. Elegantes is combination of delicacy with a bit of sweetness and cedar wood aroma. Despite that Elegantes is a very light cigar in general, in third phase the flavour sharpens, which additionally underlines its rich taste. Montecristo Dantes EL 2016 Montecristo Dantés (ring gauge 48 x 167 mm long), is a thick-to-midsize habano with elegant format and mild-to-strong taste. What’s more, it’s the first “Hermoso” (ring gauge 48) launched within the Montecristo brand. This limited edition is presented in a 10-unit special box. Quai D'Orsay Coronas Many cigar smokers agree that this stick is perfect for those who are not very used to smoke cigars, beginners. With smooth aroma and medium toasted tobacco flavour perfectly balanced with subtle hints of vanilla. The minimum ageing recommended for this cigar is at least three years.

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